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Live Chat For Websites Features

Generate Leads

Generating leads is always about communicating directly with your customer. You can benefit from increased customer confidence, satisfaction levels, and conversion rates with our chat software.

Get More Customers

Use Crowdstream to deliver customer service and build meaningful relationships over live chat.

Contact Database

Even if a chat session doesn’t end in a sale, you can still get the contact information of that visitor to add them to your email list. You can then send them personalised email messages as well.

Customer Profiles

Collect data from users and their interactions with your website. Then, this data is available for your viewing from a single window, along with other useful features like purchases, products, and events.

Lead Enrichment

Each profile will accompany a name, photo, location, social data, and contact information. You can use this invaluable data later to close deals quickly and save time.

Marketing Data

Our platform allows you to find out which pay-per-click ad, third-party domain, or organic search keyword directed visitors to your website.

Proactive Messaging

When you are active on your website, you can keep prospective customers active on your site informed of updates and announcements in a matter of seconds.

Smart Segments

Once a chat session has ended, you can still create smart segments of your visitor base. Segmentation allows your website to initiate messages when a customer takes a certain action.


You can customise the Crowdstream live chat window to fit your website or app. Our platform is very flexible to best suit your needs. You can even change the shape of the chat button as you see fit.

Email Alerts

Crowdstream will instantly send you email alerts when a visitor messages while you are offline. You can then pick up the conversations straight from your inbox and even reply without a hassle.

Offline Mode

You can connect with visitors in real time when you are online. Think of this app as a direct link between your website and a visitor.

Always Online

Live chat is always available. Every website visitor is an opportunity to create a new lead, an existing customer that needs support or a new customer that needs help with activation.

Live Chat For Websites Pricing

  • 100 active contacts
  • Live chat
  • Customisation
  • Email mode
  • 500 contacts
  • Online and offline chat
  • Remove branding
  • Unlimited messages
  • Campaigns
  • Contact enrichment

Fair pricing policy

We believe you shouldn't be punished for collecting inactive contacts. Crowdstream has a policy of fair pricing for all of our customers. Not only are we opposed to charging per agent we will only count your contacts that are active in the last 60 days towards your plan's quota for the month.

Get started with Live Chat For Websites

Connect to all your favourite tools

Connect Crowdstream to 500+ other apps via Zapier. Automate your workflows to move info between your apps automatically. No coding required.

Plus, all of these features

Crowdstream is live chat software for online business.

Customer Profiles

User-level data and interactions are brought together into a single view with products, purchases and events.


Segment, search and analyse events. Where did a customer come from, what did they purchase and how often do they come back?


See every login, click, sale and page view per customer. Find out more about who your best customers are.


Slice up your customers by an event performed or not performed or include optional actions to discover where your sales may be missed.

Traffic Source

Events, customers, sales and products by Organic Search, Pay-per-click, Social, and referring domain.


Filter and search customers centrally by any and all properties available to you, even from outside sources.